Elmo provides perfect motion control for Material Handling solutions

Material handling is the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. Elmo’s innovative multi-axis networking solution together with Elmo digital servo drives enables material handling systems to boost speed, flexibility, and cost savings. The distributed networking enhances the communication speed while providing tremendous adaptability to new configurations, which may include added axes and different I/O requirements.

Boosted Machine Performance

Elmo’s servo drives are available with a choice of EtherCAT or CANopen. The ultrafast cycle times and minimal jitter of these protocols support best-in-class real-time performance.

Compact but Powerful

The small size of Elmo’s servo drives enable the use of a smaller cabinet, minimizing machine footprint.

Accuracy and Fast Movement

Smart servo drives provide high precision and accurate sensor-less force control.

Superb Multi-Axis Control

Multi-axis synchronization with advanced servo control.

Error Handling

Robust error handling reduces downtime.


When new or replacement drives are installed, the control system automatically commissions a new node, and the drives are configured automatically.

Recommended Products

While all of Elmo’s Gold drives can handle the rigors of material handling applications, the Gold DC Whistle is the most popular choice for this industry for its power and footprint.

Case Studies

Automated Truss Manufacturing Powered by Elmo

A wide range of equipment is available to automate the truss manufacturing process.This project presented several challenges including greater scalability, additional features, and reduced cost

Yarn Winder

The company for which this application solution was developed is one of the largest manufacturers of textile machinery.