Elmo’s servo drives provide high precision motion control for pick and place machines

In the electronics manufacturing, pick and place machines play an important role, as they allow placing surface-mount devices (SMDs) onto a printed circuit board. Elmo’s proven servo technology provides pick and place robots with the ability to achieve the highest machine performances, while operating in a very dense, harsh and extreme undefined mechanical vibrations environment, as fast motion speeds and precise, accurate low force control set a new challenge in pick and place applications.

High Precision

Elmo’s servo drives are able to deliver very precise and smooth movement due to Elmo’s advanced motion control algorithms implemented in the drives and Elmo’s proprietary EASII programming software.

Compact but Powerful

The small size of Elmo’s servo drives enable the use of a smaller cabinet, minimizing machine footprint.

Accuracy and Fast Movement

Smart servo drives provide high precision and accurate sensor-less force control.

Rugged Design

Elmo’s servo drives are rugged enough to withstand extreme mechanical vibrations and shocks.

Efficient Operation

A customized Elmo solution enables the machines to operate in extreme environment under extremely high acceleration G’s.

Increased Throughput

Meeting very high throughput challenges by very “agile & light” mechanics.

Recommended Products

While all of Elmo’s Gold drives can handle the rigors of pick and place applications, the Gold Twitter is the most popular choice for this industry for its power and footprint.

Case studies

High-power drives enable high precision force control for pick and place machine

A new Generation of Pick & Place machinery has demanded that in addition to producing fast throughput and very high accuracy, it would control with high precision the mounting force of the placed components.