Elmo’s rugged EXTRIQ drives withstand the pressures, temperatures, and vibrations that result from deep-water operation

The underwater crafts are used for a variety of applications – from servicing deep sea oil rigs to performing important marine life research. As the subsea machinery goes all-electric, the manufacturers need drive technologies to power the thrusters that propel, maneuver, and stabilize the underwater equipment. Elmo’s EXTRIQ line of products, designed specifically for harsh environment, provides its submersible drives for the manufacturers of underwater equipment which can withstand the subsea conditions, including high pressure, all the while providing precise motion control.

Beyond the physical advantage, Elmo addresses the need for high-speed underwater thrusting with ultra-high voltage drives, thrusters’ start-up against water currents with advanced servo algorithms, and mandatory robustness for deep-water pressures and shocks. The drives meet MIL-Spec standards, as they can withstand mechanical shocks of up to 75G, vibrations of 20Hz-2000Hz (14.6 Grms), pressures up to 700 bar (the equivalent of 7000 m below sea level) and a temperature range of -40°C to 70°C.

Rugged Design

Elmo’s servo drives are ruggedized to handle extreme temperature (-40 to 70°C), high pressures, severe vibration, heavy shock loads, and contamination.

High Current

Ultra-high current/low voltage servo drives generate up to 650A of continuous current, allowing to respond to feedback from high-resolution encoders.

Efficient Operation

A customized Elmo solution enables the machines to operate in extreme environment under extremely high acceleration G’s.

Boosting Motor Speeds

Elmo drives apply a technique known as phase advance to enable motors to safely operate at speeds several times faster than rated.

High Speed, Power Thrusting

Elmo’s wide range of drives can provide the vehicles with ultra-high currents and voltages to accommodate any speed or acceleration of thrusters. Elmo is the ideal partner for the all-electric ROV, whether to precisely control the manipulators, or smoothly rotate thrusters.

Thruster Start-Up against Water Currents

Advanced servo algorithms such as Hot Plugging allow ROV thrusters to begin rotating regardless of any existing thruster motion due to water current.

Recommended Products

While all of Elmo’s EXTRIIQ drives can handle the rigors of underwater applications, the Gold Bee is the most popular choice for this industry for its power and footprint.

Case Studies

Miniature Servo Drive Performs under Pressure in Deep Sea ROV Testing

When All Oceans, a British expert in underwater engineering, wanted to build a fly-out ROV which would operate in some of the deepest parts of the ocean, they turned to Elmo.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), Unmanned Underwater Robot powered by Elmo

Elmo’s solutions are implemented in a remotely operated vehicle ensuring high-speed underwater and robustness for deep water pressures and shocks