Communicate with G-MAS using standard Win32 or MFC applications

Used In:

  • Win32-based applications
  • MFC-based applications

The G-MAS can use the full-featured Win32/MFC DLL that is provided by Elmo. A programmer only needs to define target IP address and host IP addresses to communicate instantly with the G-MAS. The DLL fully supports multiple NICS.

The communications protocol for WIN32 and MFC applications is identical to that used in all Elmo tools, such as the G-MAS Script Manager (GSM) and the G-MAS Developer Studio (GDS).

Design Features

  • Standard DLL enables communications with Win32 and MFC applications
  • Instant access using target and host IP parameters
  • Support for multiple NICS

Using the G-MAS API from a remote Host is identical to programming in C++ using the G-MAS Developer Studio (GDS).  The only difference is the DLL and LIB files that are to be used, and use of the MMC_RPCInitConnectionEx connection function.

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