1 multi-axis controller in one smal ready to use suitcase

170 x 200 x 276 mm
(6.69″ x 7.87″ x 10.86″)

P-MAS/3AXIS – Demo Case

Demo and Training Suitcase

This small and portable suitcase offers a unique opportunity to train
and demonstrate a full EtherCAT network motion solution. It consists of Elmo’s advanced Platinum Maestro (PMAS) multi-axis, network controller,
Gold EtherCAT servos, 3 servo motors, and IO switches. Simply plug in the AC input (90VAC- 250VAC), connect a PC and the suitcase is ready to perform any motion scenario. If more than 3 axes are required, the user can easily network to additional suitcases. Weighing only 6kg and measuring 170 X 200 X 276mm, the case is always ready-to-use.


  • Connect any multi-axis systems
  • Run the PMAS on an actual system with servo drives and motors
  • Simulate tuning of real-life systems via a built-in resonant axis
  • Load firmware for one or several servo drives simultaneously over EtherCAT
  • Simulate GANTRY application
  • Conduct real testing of the servo drives with the motor
  • Connect motors with a belt and emulate resonant loads between them

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