Elmo’s motion solutions are ideal for the ever-advancing semiconductor services industry

Elmo offers solutions for the semiconductor industry with an ultra-small servo, installed on a moving load which will consequently reduce most of the electric cabinet. The fast growth in the semiconductor industry requires supreme motion control with abilities of precision, increased productivity and cost effective solutions.

The ability to move at extremely fast speeds and at the same time to be able to control the machine motion axes up to the Nanometer level of accuracy is essential for applying high-end semiconductor solutions for this industry’s market segment. The complete motion package of Elmo’s products and solutions have the capabilities to meet any machine motion control challenge from this demanding industry.

Elmo’s “by the book” EtherCAT standardized network controllers and the simplicity to implement and analyze complex coordinated motion trajectories with its proprietary tools (E.g. EASII), make Elmo as a natural key player for applying solutions to this industry.

For details about Elmo’s activity for Semiconductor services in related sub-industries, see the links below:


Inspection AOI

Wafer Probing

Pick & Place

Minimized Settling Time

Gain scheduling by profile enables the system to rapidly and automatically adjust parameters to support high-speed positioning with minimum settling time.

Compact but Powerful

The small size of Elmo’s servo drives enable the use of a smaller cabinet, minimizing machine footprint.

Boost Performance

Elmo’s servo drives are available with a choice of EtherCAT or CANopen. The ultrafast cycle times and minimal jitter of these protocols support best-in-class real-time performance.

Efficient Operation

Elmo’s servo drives operate with a wall-plug efficiency of better than 99%, which minimizes the amount of heat that needs to be dissipated.

Accuracy and Fast Movement

Accelerated machine throughput resulting in more output in less time.

High Reliability

Elmo’s servo drives come with a built-in drive safety functionalities such as safe torque off, a minimal failure rate and high MTBF (Mean time between failures).

High Precision

Elmo’s servo drives are able to deliver very precise and smooth movement due to Elmo’s advanced motion control algorithms implemented in the drives and Elmo’s proprietary EASII programming software.

Additional extended I/Os version

An additional extended I/Os version of the multi-axis controller is available for direct connection of sensors, such as feedback devices, to the Platinum maestro.

Recommended Products

Elmo’s advanced servo technology will help you get higher accuracies, faster settling which will significantly improve throughput. Whether in the Wafer Probing machine, Die Pick and Place machine, or Die Bonding machine, Elmo’s advanced servo technology can get more out of any stage or system within semiconductor manufacturing solutions.

Case Studies

Precise Automated Semiconductor Testing Enabled by Elmo

A leading manufacturer of precision technologies for the semiconductor industry has turned to Elmo for building a smaller machine with better performance.

Boosting Performance of Turret Test Handler Machine

The turret test handler machine is used to perform tests identifying physical defects and determining the electrical integrity of the internal circuit of the semiconductor components.

High Precision Gantry-based Dispensing Machine powered by Elmo

Innovative dispensing robot delivers outstanding speed, precision and flexibility for demanding applications.

Distributed servo control for Semiconductor Wafer Inspection machine powered by Elmo

The high-volume production demands on an automatic testing machine for semiconductors, MEMS, and electronic boards required a compact, robust motion control solution

Motion control with high throughput for automatic test equipment

The high-volume production demands on an automatic testing machine for semiconductors, MEMS, and electronic boards required a compact, robust motion control solution

Speed up wafer testing by 30% with Elmo’s fast-settling servo drives

The right servo drive helped a semiconductor test-equipment manufacturer increase wafer testing speed while maintaining the highest quality and precision standards.

Highly Precise Movement for Clean Room Robot

A Semiconductor company specializing in automatic production for cleanrooms was building a robot for moving LCD panels.

Boosting Performance of LED Semicon Die-Bonding Machine

The Semiconductor high-volume producer was interested in faster, more cost-effective ways to produce industry-leading LEDs.