The G-MAS supports many communication interfaces and ways to perform and debug motion sequences.

Used In:

  • Quick demonstrations
  • Any application involving motion

Elmo’s Gold Maestro (G-MAS) can perform any type of motion. It merely needs to be programmed.

G-MAS programming can be done:

All options are available. Your choices depend on what you need to achieve. For example, to produce a quick motion demo or a tuning analysis, you may choose to work with the G-MAS Script Manager.  For a final application, in order to avoid ‘paying’ for communications time, you may choose to work in C/C++ using the G-MAS Developer Studio (GDS). Professional programmers, working in Microsoft environments may choose G-MAS APIs for Win32 or .NET.

Communications protocols supported include: Modbus and Ethernet/IP. For more information, see Host Communications.

Programming libraries for additional operating systems are also available (VxWorks, RTX). Or you may want to develop your own TCP/IP or UDP protocols. Feel free to consult with Elmo for more information.

Design Features

  • Supports any connection to G-MAS, over any operating system
  • Create your motion sequence in minutes
  • Debug and tweak your motion before performing any programming

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